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So, I've been pondering panniers for Doolittle for, like, ages. With a folding bike, a kindly and more knowledgeable man told me, they have to be small enough to avoid catching your foot as you pedal. I've looked at all sorts of options but yesterday I finally stopped dithering and ordered a double rear pannier. It was advertised on a folding bike site, so I crossed my fingers and hoped it would do the job. It was also rather cheap considering the prices I've seen for some types, coming in under £20.

I thought this might be a good opportunity to ask about if other people's experience of cycle luggage. Do you have panniers? What kind? Do you love or loathe them? I notice a lot of people park up with the pannier still attached - have you ever had anything pilfered, including the luggage itself?

I took a ride to the library with panniers full of books and was pleased to see that not only was my back not sweaty and gross, but my upper body felt better when twisting to check for traffic when overtaking those pesky cars parked blocking a whole lane (like, seriously, people think bikes are a menace on the road?). I then headed into the city to get some shopping - and cycling back with loads of market goods certainly felt a lot better - especially with no plastic bags hanging from the handlebars for once

The only problem is that for lugging it up the stairs, panniers are *not* handy. So I probably won't use them all the time.


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