Nov. 19th, 2009

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Hi there! Nobody else seems to be running a cycling comm on DW, so I suppose I will.

I've been bicycling since my dad and I spent a Saturday morning skinning my knees at a parking lot when I was four, and bike commuting fairly regularly since I was eleven; I've had protracted love affairs with a little red Bianchi, an embarrassing number of Schwinns, and a Peugeot mixte. These days I ride a Trek 520 touring bike and my daughter and I ride a Bike Friday Family Traveler custom tandem, which we bought earlier this fall when she started school. There are little bits of bicycles all over my garage. After many years of bike commuting, I completed my first two half-centuries this past summer, and I'm hoping to do some bike camping next summer with my daughter on our tandem.

I'm a great believer in helmets and, having grown up riding hand-me-down family touring bikes, am old-school about things like steel frames and friction shifting (bar-end shifters still seem sort of radical and extreme!) That said, the tandem is an untraditional little beast and a great ride.

I switched over to a Brooks saddle this last summer and can't say enough good things about it. I don't worry much about weight versus comfort; I've always thought it was easier for me to lose weight than it is for me to lose equipment, which means that I go out on Saturday mornings with a pannier bag with a map, a toolkit, and a lot of snacks, and the speedy folks whiz past and I think, hmm, at the top of this hill I will stop and have a sandwich and maybe make a phone call and watch the alpacas. A speed demon I am not.

I encourage you to introduce yourself and share about what you do with and like about your self-powered machines, whatever they are! And I live in Eugene, capital of interesting bikes, so I particularly want to extend a welcome to folks riding nontraditional bikes. I love my old-fashioned touring bike, but I'm in awe of the guy I see each day who commutes in his hand-cranked Quickie tricycle.


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