Mar. 21st, 2010

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Bicycle was my main transport when I was university and then in my early working days. It was affordable! I stopped when the commute to a new job was through some very non-bike-friendly city traffic. Times have changed in 15 years and my city is now trying to make the city much more bike friendly so I'm having another go.

I bought myself an Electra Townie a week ago because it was suggested to me as a great bike for people with knee problems and I'm recovering from a knee injury. I tried one out and fell in love immediately.

I've been having a little ride around the flat streets of my suburb after work this week. Today was the first time I took her out for a run. I did a long, mostly flat, very low gradient loop taking in the bike paths near my house and I'm just exhilarated. I cycled with families and with people going places. I could smell the sausages on the bbq as I rode past a school fete (Note: always take your wallet when you go for a ride). I could feel the autumn sun and the fresh breeze and hear people and birds and dogs as I came through the park.

I can't believe I forgot how wonderful bicycling is. And my knee doesn't hurt!
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I'm absolutely terrible at these intro posts, but here it goes anyway.

I commute to work about 4 days a week on a Giant Upland SE with panniers stuffed to the limit with work clothes, lunch and other essentials I can't live without on a work day.  I've only been commuting for about 9 months, and works means that I sometimes can't ride for weeks, but in that time my fitness has improved astronomically.  The first few rides were full of huffing and puffing and a lot of pushing my bike up hill.  Since then I've found that one of the most satisfying things about riding regularly is realising that I'm now going up the same hills in increasingly higher gears.

My next goals are learning how to maintain my bike properly (does anyone have links to good books or online guides for do-it-yourself maintenance), riding five days a week and going on some social rides with a club.  I'm also thinking about a getting new bike some time in the next six months.  I'm suddenly finding that I want my hands to be about 6 inches further forward than they are and think something closer to a road bike might be more suitable.  

So that's me.  I'm glad to have found this community and look forward to reading what you all have to say.
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Today's temperature was around 10C ("50F if you want to use those weird units," says the boy), so we went for a bike ride. My first bike ride of the season! We biked two miles to the ice cream parlor, and then two miles back, most of the ride on bike paths along the creek. It was too warm for my coat and too cold for my thin gloves. I was able to keep up with him pretty easily, despite my disinterest in cardio exercise. I found that I need to get batteries for my bike's lights, and a velcro strap for my pants legs. The bike itself needs a tuneup -- one of the gears did not want to work and it's one I use a lot -- but it was otherwise wonderful to ride. I have a Terry mountain bike, which I bought because my old bike wasn't comfortable.

The rest of the week is supposed to be warm, too. I'm going to bike to the ice cream place every day. Four miles is a nice distance to start with -- if my next job is downtown (likely), I'd like to try commuting, and that's five miles away.


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