Apr. 8th, 2010

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So yesterday we had an almost-springlike day here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, during which it was (1) not raining, for a change and (2) light late enough that I could go to and from school and it wasn't completely dark the whole time (hooray). And I went up and down a couple of big hills and felt very pleased because it looks like the weight-lifting I did when it was dark and cold is paying off in increased hill-climbing capability now that the weather's not quite so crap.

All of which got me thinking that hey, it's nearly long-haul cycle riding season and I have done some but not a lot of planning. I've promised my daughter a camping trip on the tandem once she's out of school, and I'm planning on doing the Alpine Century fifty-mile course in August (I finished last year, but it was definitely work, and I'd like it to be more fun -- there is a lot of up and down in that course!), and quite possibly some touring with friends in the upper Willamette Valley in mid-August.

How about you, fellow northern hemisphere dwellers? Anyone plotting epic bike adventures this summer? Anyone in the southern hemisphere have an epic bike adventure to share about?

(Yes, going for ice cream on your bike is totally epic. Going to work, I'm not sure about, but ice cream? TOTALLY EPIC.)

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Apr. 8th, 2010 02:43 pm
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Hello! I've been bicycling for the last 6 or 7 months. I bike the (totally walkable) .7mi to work each day to keep in practice, and go for longer rides on weekends or in the evenings when I want to see friends in the next town over and that sort of thing. My bike has panniers on it, so if I decide to do errands on the way home from work, I can carry stuff home easily.

My purple Electra Townie, next to my girlfriend's Dutch bike )

The stickers are reflective, though it's not in an area that needs a lot of visibility help--it's mostly just for fun. (They're from http://www.funreflector.com/)

My girlfriend's been biking in the city since childhood, so I think of her as the "real" bicyclist and myself as the dorky "new kid" (though both of us are more Clever Cycles types than either fixies or spandex). It can be tricky to bike together because she tends to be more aggressive about interacting with traffic. Anyway, I love my bike--the upright position and intended-to-have-a-foot-on-the-ground geometry, the balance between speed and hauling capability, and of course the fact that it's purple :)

We're hoping to bike to a pick-your-own berries farm later this summer--it's 12.5 miles away, which is easily 3 times the farthest distance I've ridden (though it looks like the terrain will be relatively easy). How much should I freak out about practicing riding for farther distances to get ready? Will just a few trips to 6-miles-away destinations be enough practice? (How do people usually describe bike trips, anyway? Do you talk about the distance away that the place you're going is (e.g. 12.5mi), or the length of the total round-trip (e.g. 25mi)?)


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