Oct. 16th, 2011

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I learned how to ride a bike this year (in my mid-20s), and have been uber-excited about it. Then I had some health problems this summer (namely, unexplained dizziness while doing cardio) that made riding really difficult. I did not want to get a dizzy  spell while on my bike.

Things have been gradually improving, but I was hesitant to ride my bike. I've heard lots of stories about people "never forgetting how to ride," but I had just learned. All of the fear I'd carried about bicycling for years started to creep back in. What if I fell? I didn't want another injury.

Today is beautiful, and I finally decided, "Frell it, if I fall then I fall."

I was able to start correctly (i.e. not sitting on the saddle while starting) on the first try, and it was even better than when I last rode. Shifting gears, making fiddly turns, stopping, all of it.

Now I just have to squeeze in as much riding as I can before the weather turns foul.

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Hi! I've had a bike since I was a teen (which was a few decades ago), but didn't use it much and eventually gave it to a friend gathering bikes for "Bikes Not Bombs". But one day this summer, I couldn't face getting on the bus to go to work, and pulled out a bike abandoned by a former housemate, walked to the corner gas station to pump up the tires, and set off.

It felt wonderful. It felt even more wonderful once I got a helmet and a wider seat. And then lights and a safety vest and a bungee cord to hold stuff on the rack. I've been biking to work about twice a week since then, and I'm hoping to keep going into the winter (here in Boston), although I expect to stop once snow covers the bike lanes. My philosophy is to get to work (and home) alive. Neither speed nor style is particularly important to me.

Money is kinda tight, however, so while I'd love to get a lot of things for the bike, I'm either living without or making it myself. The list changes every couple days, but the things I'd like include:

a chain guard (the chain ate my last pair of jeans yesterday)
a rear bike lever that doesn't require me to stretch really awkwardly to grab it.
a better front light mount. Mine broke the day I bought it. I've wired it on, but it's ugly.
one of those bags that hangs off the back of the seat
spare tube and the knowledge to use it

Some of those things seem like I should be able to make them myself. Any words of wisdom?


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