Aug. 1st, 2014

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I'm having a little trouble believing this...

I recently upgraded to a step-through (aka "girl's") bike because my "standard" (aka "boy's") bike wasn't working well for me. I have some leg issues that made mounting by stepping through much more doable than by swinging a leg over.

I recently was given a used carrier so I could put my bike on the back of the family car.

The carrier instructions were remarkably useless. Strapping the carrier on and adjusting it took an engineer and a physicist and a lot of fiddling with straps to figure out.

And now I'm told that standard bike carriers depend on bikes having a top tube? In other words, standard bike carriers don't carry step-through bikes? WTF?

I've managed to get the bike on, ungracefully, a few times, tied down with extra straps, but I wouldn't trust it to remain on the rack if I went faster than about 30 mph.

Is there some magic that I am missing? I'm told that I can buy an adapter bar to attach to my bike, that pretends to be a top tube and will let me use the bike carrier. But all I can think is that if I wanted to strap something on to more closely resemble a standard man's piece of equipment, I would expect it to be a lot more fun.



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