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I just joined this community, so I thought I'd come over and say hi.

At the moment I have three bikes, which strikes me - though probably not most people - as a reasonable and moderate number (I once met a guy with 11 bikes!). First there's my road bike, which is a Norco racing bike that I've made a bit more practical by adding a rack & fenders. I use it for commuting all year in the Pacific Northwest, so it gets a lot of abuse from the elements.

My Norco also gets a lot of abuse from the atrocious state of the roads in this city, so my front wheel rim was dented by a shoddily built resurfacing of a bike route that caused several accidents in the week before they rebuilt it (despite acknowledging that the surface was dangerous, the city refused to pay for a new wheel), and I recently broke a spoke on the back wheel. Oh for a city where 'bike route' doesn't mean an obstacle course of potholes, gravel, cracked uneven concrete blocks, and of course drivers who run red lights. But I digress.

Then I have 2 mountainbikes: a big bike for doing downhill and freeride, and a little bike for things that are more cross-country. The big bike is a Specialized SX Trail (yes, I have red rims & I love them) and it's pretty heavy, but great to ride on technical downhill :-). The little bike is a Marin Mount Vision that is 10 years old, although a few parts (including the front shock) have been replaced along the way. I mostly ride the mountainbikes in the summer, but they've had their fair share of riding in the rain, slush, and snow.

It sounds like there aren't many mountainbikers here, but it's nice to meet a bunch of fellow cyclists :-)

Date: 2010-09-07 05:12 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ilanarama
I'm a mountain biker! I actually don't own a road bike right now, but I used to have 3 bikes at my peak - a road racing bike, a commuting bike, and a mountain bike. Totally reasonable.

I ride local technical singletrack once or twice a week, although on Saturday I was riding some jeep roads, took a spill, and gashed my elbow badly enough to require five stitches, and MAN it hurts to ride anything bumpy now, so I suspect I'm taking a couple of weeks off.


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