Wonder Woman !!

Jun. 22nd, 2017 03:51 pm
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The new Wonder Woman movie gave me a lot more than I'd expected was possible - a superhero movie with a woman as the main character, getting most of the screentime and adventures, being a hero - and its downfall was that it showed me I could hope for something WAY BEYOND that. The first half-hour was ALL about women talking to other women and doing amazing superhero moves and having a history and family and friends and working together and riding neat horses, and it was everything I ever wanted; then men turned up and Diana went away from the beautiful sunny islands and spent the rest of the movie surrounded by muddy trenches and rubble and men. I spent the whole movie expecting all the other Amazons to come back into it and they didn't.

Also Steve Trevor spent a LOT of time telling Diana to stop talking and stop doing things because he knew best. The situation of her having no knowledge of the world outside her island could have been handled in a less un-fun way, I think. I can see they were aiming to have it lead up to a Big Scene where she stops listening to him and goes off to do some heroing with dramatic music, but, you know, she's a hero, we know she's gonna hero, it's impressive without having to watch her be squashed down by a man shutting her up over and over for AN HOUR before she gets to do the heroing.

My partner thought there was excessive use of slow motion during the fight scenes. I loved every second of it because I wanted to see a woman being a superhero on the big screen and I wanted to be able to see it happen. Last couple of Marvel superhero movies I've seen, the camera is jiggling around all the time the fight's going on so there's no way to know who's hitting who and it makes me feel a bit seasick so I just look to see who's standing up once the fight scene's over. It's all right with me if the camera lingers for a while on Wonder Woman leaping through the air and looking amazing.

There are no scenes of Wonder Woman being raped or threatened with rape. I thought I'd say because that's something I wanted to know before I went to see it.


Jun. 21st, 2017 10:14 am
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I had a birthday last week, I am now 45, which I think makes me officially middle aged or something.

My dear friend Charlie Quinn has a Patreon which I support and as a result I get sent postcards which they have designed. These postcards come in an envelope because they are not always safe for work. The June card is a very good example of NSFW language but completely awesome and amazing.

click )

I love it so much. The Trash Panda magnet in the photo was a gift from colleague and made by one of her amazing talented daughters who makes fantastic pins and magnets and stickers and cards and things and here are some examples of her works, but is currently taking a break from her Etsy shop due to life. Here are some examples including a much better photo of the Raccoon magnet: click because biggish )

(Her twin sister also makes amazing arts, mostly in the form of delicate vulva vases but also some other quirky ceramics like these claw handled mugs.)


I'm having a Hogswatch party on Saturday, I have even ordered a leg of ham. I have the next few days off and will be cleaning all the things then cooking all the things. I'm looking forward to it and wish that many of you could be there.

Free RPG Day!

Jun. 19th, 2017 03:10 pm
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All day Saturday gaming! 10-2 Pathfinder Starfinder preview and the usual 1-5 Pathfinder Society. Both DMed by the same guy, and total player overlap, so when the first game ended at 11:30, a few of us walked down to get delicious TexMex and margaritas before game 2.

It was a great day, and the guys were really fun. We lost our Teen Girl to the My Little Pony rpg that was being demoed at the same time, but we gained two Teen Boys and had a slightly too-full table instead. Space goblins in the morning and problem-solving in the afternoon and I cratered when I got home. Those folding chairs did me no favors. Also, lots of people and talking.

Stop rewriting this.

Jun. 18th, 2017 04:23 am
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There comes a point when flipping the script is actually pretty toxic.

I'm not talking about around issues of oppression, no. Flip away.
I'm talking about flipping our own mental scripts to say that surviving in a healthy way is somehow a failure. Because that is what my brain is up to these days, and my brain is full of shit.

Vid: Halfway Away (Yuri!!! on Ice)

Jun. 17th, 2017 07:27 pm
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source: Yuri!!! on Ice
audio: CHVRCHES, "Clearest Blue"
length: 3:54
stream: on Vimeo
download: 229MB on Dropbox
summary: "While you were being heterosexual, I studied the blades on ice." -- @viktorbottom

Premiered at [community profile] vidukon_cardiff 2017.


Password: katsudon

Vidding TV shows is so much work. I was cutting this one until about two hours before the deadline, exacerbated by the fact that the Blu-Ray of the last volume came out literally the day before the deadline. I initially used a low quality rip of the creditless ending and was resigned to a different version online than on the con DVD, but then due to some serendipitous technical difficulties, resolved at length by the very patient and excellent con staff, I actually was able to get a file with a high quality rip of the ending into the con--of course it came out less than 24 hours after said deadline. (If I ever get access to Blu-Ray rips, I may remaster it, just because they changed so much for the disc releases.)

As for the vid itself…I had this song in mind since about January. Yuuri and Victor love each other a lot, okay, and they meet each other in the middle, eventually, every time.


Kotlin in Compositor

Jun. 17th, 2017 07:30 pm
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A big new thing is Kotlin (presumably because it's supported on Android) so I hacked up some support in Compositor. It wasn't too hard - an afternoon's work including learning a bit of Kotlin, so that was good.

Now the world's developers can rush to Compositor to make desktop apps. Ahem.

Culture Consumed Wednesday

Jun. 15th, 2017 02:50 am
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Finished Kameron Hurley's The Stars Are Legion. I liked it.

Initially I thought the ending was kind of a let-down and came out of nowhere, but then I dove into the tag on Tumblr and found a post that succeeded in convincing me I'd misunderstood that part of the plot. (Here's that post. Spoilers, of course.) Having changed my mind on that, I'm much more satisfied with the book Kameron Hurley actually wrote, but still a smidge wistful for the book I thought I was reading. Which isn't her fault, of course.

My second reservation was about how gender was handled. Which... hmm. If I don't bring up Ancillary Justice here it's going to be an elephant in the living room, isn't it? This is NOT a post about how "Leckie did it better." Leckie and Hurley are doing two different things, and (if I remember the interview I read correctly) Ancillary Justice hadn't been published yet when Hurley started planning TSAL.

Leckie wrote a trilogy about a society which doesn't divide itself along gender lines or see gender as a binary, and then translated that culture's third person singular pronoun set for humans into English as "she/her". Hurley wrote a novel about a ship whose human crew is made up only of people who menstruate and become pregnant and give birth, all of whom identify as female and use the "she" pronoun set, and who have a concept of "woman" but no concept of "man" or of any other gender other than female/woman/girl.

Those are totally different goals, and they only overlap in that they use "she/her", do not centre male-identified characters, and make misogynists angry. One of them decentres gender while calling attention to how strongly English-speaking societies mark gender; the other one centres (a very specific definition of) women.

I would recommend it if you can bear with the gender essentialism and won't be bothered by a lot of (most but not all menstruation/pregnancy/birth-related) biological squick. (Also, if pregnancy loss is a sore topic for you, you might have a bad time reading this.)

Reading Audre Lorde's Sister Outsider. I don't have anything useful to say about this book, so I'm gonna shut up and listen and type up quotations in my commonplace file.

Reading Aliette de Bodard's The House of Binding Thorns. I'm about a hundred pages in. So far so good. It's weird: in the first book I cared a lot more about Philippe than any of the others, but so far in this book I am enjoying Madeleine's parts a lot and am waiting impatiently to see Selene and Emmanuelle again, and don't care as much about Philippe.

Read Heather Rose Jones' Daughter of Mystery, an f/f Ruritanian romance about an heiress and her swordswoman bodyguard. [personal profile] brownbetty described it as "Swordspoint but with lesbians," which is fair but I like Margerit and Barbara a lot better than Alec and Richard. Interestingly, I liked them a lot more through each other's eyes than from their own POV, if that makes sense. Barbara's combination of rage and tight control was particularly appealing from Margerit's POV. I enjoyed the setting too, the miracle-based magic stuff that's faintly reminiscent of Bujold's Chalion (a lot more Catholic, though.) And the cultural/psychological worldbuilding. The characters never felt too modern, which I appreciated.

Note that that's Ruritanian romance with the emphasis on Ruritanian, i.e. not "romance" in the "romance genre" sense. Not that isn't a romance arc, just that the beats and conventions are very different, and a lot more development of the parts of the plot which are not about their relationship. Also it's extremely decorous with the sexual content -- there are "caresses" but it's never specified who's caressing what. There's a lot more explicit detail of the legal inheritance drama and the theological problem, in fact. Personally I really liked the legal and theological details. I also liked the focus toward the end on the practical details of their relationship -- there was more troubleshooting of the "how are we going to live together and not fuck this up by stepping right on each other's issues" kind after they got together than in your standard romance (adventure story or genre romance.)

Yoon Ha Lee's Raven Stratagem arrived in the mail today and I'm trying to decide if I want to reread Ninefox first or dive right in this minute.


Reread [archiveofourown.org profile] idiopathicsmile's World Ain't Ready from start to finish over the past three days. Which maybe wasn't the use of my reading time I'd planned, but I can't regret it.


Listened to the Mountain Goats' Goths, and Sifu Hotman's Embrace the Sun, both highly recommended.

Goths musically has a lot in common with Beat the Champ, lots of similar instrumental flourishes and harmonic progressions, except that Darnielle does things with his vocals he hasn't done since Life of the World to Come, up there in the higher and louder parts of his range. Lyrically, he's still walking this balance between mature reflection and wholehearted identification with the angry, traumatised kid he was, and I really love that territory. He doesn't break faith with who he used to be, even while acknowledging that he's not that person any more, and that continued connection gives him the ability to sing songs like 'The Grey King and the Silver Flame Attunement' with real respect, honesty, and empathy in addition to his perspective as a grown-up looking back. It's the difference between growing up and renouncing who you once were. He did the first but not the second, and I really admire that. ("That's who I was. This is who I am.")

Also, even though in my teens I was an opera/computers/SF nerd, not a goth nerd, 'We Do It Different On The West Coast' totally captured my experience of being a fan from afar because of geography and lack of opportunity, and having all these passionate opinions about things I'd never yet gotten to experience firsthand -- feeling really invested in, already a part of, these people and communities I'd never actually met face to face. Identifying as part of a "we" who "do" things I'd never done with people who'd never met me. And again: he's not making fun of that excited kid, or disputing their membership in their chosen scene. He has perspective that kid lacks, but he's empathising, not mocking. He's been there too.

I saw a song from Embrace the Sun on my Tumblr dash, 'Matches', and liked it enough that I bought the album on Bandcamp. And it was really really good, you guys. Smart and angry and hopeful. If you like Doomtree you might like this too.

Also listened to two playlists by [personal profile] fairestcat, 'I'm Gonna Spend The Next Four Years On The Barricades' and 'Capitalism Will Eat Your Children'. Both were good, but the second one was particularly good and more suited to my mood at the moment. ('Matches' from Embrace the Sun fits in very well with the mood in 'Next Four Years', Cat: "No friction, no flame / No struggle, no progress / No sweat / How many times do we have to win / 'Til you realize that we have not lost yet?")


(written a few days ago) My next attempt at kitty feeding enrichment: a large Pringles tube with a hole cut in the side, large enough for a cat's paw but not their face. So they can stick a paw in and bat the noms out, or roll the tube around the floor until the noms fall out. Neither cat is impressed with this. Dorian is willing to engage with it a little. Beatrice isn't, at all.

After I typed that, while I went back to write about the books I'm reading, she started giving it a try and has gotten the hang of it. Go Beatrice!

Now she's back to power-grooming Dorian. She does this thing where she puts her mouth over one of his eyes and sort of nibbles. He tilts his head up and sits still, but eventually gets fed up and tries to put her in a headlock.
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The title of this entry is a reference to this race report from 2009, when I ran the Steamworks Half Marathon for the third time, but the first time having actually trained for it (and by training I mean running more than twice a week and 15mpw). That race, I had hoped to get under 1:50 - all my tempo running had been at around 8:20 pace - and shocked myself by clocking a 1:44:19, which is slightly better than an 8 minute pace. I ran this race two more times before this year, in 2012 (1:38) and 2014 (1:36).

This year, I had hoped to come in at maybe something like 1:43, but instead I couldn't muster any speed at all. After three sub-8 miles, my pace was mostly around 8:20, and toward the end of the race I was just hoping, you guessed it, to get in under 1:50. I managed 1:47:21, my slowest half time since those first two undertrained races. Still, that was fast enough to give me first in the F50-59 age group (out of 17), and 13th overall woman, 38th overall human being out of 260 finishers. Also, to my surprise, looking through the results I just discovered I was also the female Masters winner, that is, first woman over 40. These placings are more due to the fast old ladies staying home than due to any speed of mine, though!

It was a hot day (for a race), and the sky was cloudless, which made for a beautiful but sweaty experience. I took two cups of water at every aid station (they were two miles apart) and dumped one on my body, except at the mile 10 aid station where a guy with a SuperSoaker offered to squirt runners, and I said "Yes, please!"

Steamworks Half 2017

I'm #286; the other woman in a turquoise top and I leapfrogged each other for much of the race. She passed me for good around mile 8, saying she was going after a woman ahead of us in red shorts, and finished at just under 1:46, about a minute and a half before me. I eventually also passed Red Shorts, though she was waiting in line for a porta-potty and so maybe that shouldn't really count. :-)

It was 70F by the time I hit the unshaded uphill section just past the 11-mile marker, and it was unsurprisingly brutal. (The course climbs 70 feet in half a mile, dips slightly, and then climbs 80 more feet to the finish.) It's also brutal to hit the end of the course because the quiet country road with little traffic ends, and the course turns onto a busy road with cars parked along both sides, making it feel quite narrow and dangerous. Fortunately the course marshals are there to guide runners and drivers - I did this job one year when I couldn't run due to injury - and so I pushed along to the crossing where the policeman stopped traffic for me, hooray, and did a pathetic sprint to the finish line, where members of the Durango Roller Girls encouraged finishers.

Steamworks Half 2017

The usual navel-gazing )

Musgrave Collection

Jun. 12th, 2017 06:50 pm
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I read that double yellow lines were suggested by George Musgrave in a road safety competition. Googling, I found that he ran a museum, the Musgrave Collection, which looks as mad as can be, but in a good way, but that since his death it's closed and looking for a new home.

Sad really.


Jun. 12th, 2017 11:46 am
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Remember GIPs?

This, my friends, my darlings, is a GIP.

With thanks to [personal profile] redbird who is kind enough to share.

I had pizza for dinner

Jun. 12th, 2017 11:14 pm
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It wasn't particularly good pizza, but Beatrice is happy. There's something about a pizza box. Even if there's no pizza inside, and the box isn't warm any longer, it's still the best seat in the room. It must smell good, I suppose.


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