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NPR's Codeswitch blog, on minority bicyclists (their adjective) organizing.

There's a story that Veronica O. Davis likes to tell about why she started a cycling group for black women. She was pedaling past a public housing complex near her Washington, D.C., neighborhood one day when a young black girl shouted to her mother, "Mommy, mommy, it's a black lady on a bike."

"At first I was like, 'Why is she so excited?' And I realized I'm probably the first cyclist that she saw who looked like her," said Davis.

That one small experience led to a Twitter message, which then led to a Facebook group. Two years later and now 800 women strong, Black Women Bike: DC is a full-blown cycling movement. And it's not alone.

Minority cycling groups are sprouting all over the country. There's the National Brotherhood of Cyclists, We Bike NYC in New York and Cuidad de Luces/City of Lights in Los Angeles.

A recent report by the League of American Bicyclists cites people of color as the fastest-growing segment of the cycling population. Bicycle commuting rates in those communities are growing, too. The League's Hamzat Sani says that's not surprising.

"You'll see a lot of third-shift, late-shift folks or restaurant workers engaged in cycling because public transportation doesn't work when they get off of work. But those aren't the cyclists we'd see in a magazine, right?" said Sani.

ETA: Post this, go back to my reading page to double-check for typos, and immediately below it is [personal profile] delux_vivens link to NK Jemisin's recent experience being stopped for biking while black in NYC. Which is...yeah. *sigh*
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Pretty neat article. I didn't know there was such a gender gap (I live in a place that doesn't have as much of one) and I definitely hadn't thought about most of these reasons for it.
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There was a Mercedes-Benz parked in the bike lane of Vilnius, Lithuania. So, the mayor ran over it. With a tank. (Well, okay, not really--the event was staged. But it might fuel fantasies for those of you who wrestle with lanes being blocked.)

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But the moment of folly seemed to provide an aperture for new thinking. In the face of this fanciful idea (a traffic-busting flight!) it became possible to demonstrate that cycling, often taken as a non-serious or marginal or even annoying (to some drivers) form of transportation in the U.S., could seem eminently reasonable: Not only the cheapest form of transportation, not merely the one with the smallest carbon footprint, not only the one most beneficial to the health of its user, but the fastest.
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Oh, this is neat: so, this weekend, the 405 freeway in L.A. is being shut down for roadwork; this is being referred to as "Carmageddon." Jet Blue has been offering $4 flights from Burbank Airport to Long Beach for $4 for the duration, as a publicity stunt.

But would it be faster just to bike? Never mind the lesser environmental impact.

Tune in tomorrow -- or perhaps later today -- and find out....

ETA: Victory for bicycles and public transit! From [personal profile] dragonfly:


1. The bicyclists, 38.4 miles in 1 hr 34 min.
2. The public transit riders in 1 hr 44 min.
3. A rollerblader in 2 hrs 40 min (her start location and time was unwitnessed, so we should call her unofficial *g*).
4. Airline commuters, 2 hrs 54 min.
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Apparently the NYPD has been cracking down on cyclists for not riding in the bike lane, issuing tickets for as much as $130. A guy was stopped and tried to tell the cop that sometimes the bike lane isn't safe, but the officer still ticketed him. So he made a video showing what happens when you ride in the bike lane ALL THE TIME. Warning for OW OW OMG OW.

Zoom zoom

Apr. 30th, 2011 08:31 am
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Sometimes I really like living in my town:

And I guess it's National Bike Month in May too!
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Bike helmets came up in discussion on a cycling listserv I read, and I referred the list to the BHSI site I linked to here earlier this year. And then, because the BHSI site is a giant black hole of data and I have a lot of phone calls to make this morning and I just loathe making phone calls, I started poking around, and came across these stats.

Did you know that more Americans were injured by beds, mattresses, and pillows in 2007 than bicycles, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission? I am not surprised that "stairs, ramps, landings, and floors" are tops when it comes to injuries, having had a couple of bad falls on stairs myself (I was sober, dammit, I really was!) but...beds?

I suppose these figures may include injuries suffered while moving beds and jumping on beds, but still. When someone tells you your bicycling habit is really dangerous, you can point out that it's less dangerous than their sleeping habit, statistically speaking.
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My dad just sent me this quote, in honor of Bike To Work Week:

"Get a bicycle. You will not regret it.
If you live."
--attrib. Mark Twain

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Gosh, I hope I'm not spamming the comm today. This just came to my attention and I thought it was fantastic and worth sharing. It's an instructional video designed to explain the "Idaho stop law." In the US state of Idaho, traffic law allows bicyclists to use a rolling stop--i.e., an informed slowdown--at stop signs, rather than requiring a full stop in all instances.

"Cyclists are scofflaws and always blow stop signs" is a common complaint by motorists who sometimes seem to think that this fact rules out funding for cycling infrastructure (or, in extreme cases, justifies attempted vehicular manslaughter).

This video, by Spencer Boomhower, is the clearest, most rational explanation I've seen for why the Idaho stop law makes perfect sense as a general cycling strategy on streets and roadways shared with cars. It's well worth showing to non-bike-riding friends and family.

Check it out! )


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