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I do this book thing? And this bit is going to be in the next batch, but I'm posting it here first.

Gerd Schraner - The Art of Wheelbuilding (3/?)


Jobst Brandt - The Bicycle Wheel (3rd Edition) (4/?)

Probably the biggest thing I learned during March's adventure with the busted spoke was how much I didn't know about bike wheels. Research time, Dracula!

The two books are about as different as two books written by the type of person who would write a whole book about wheelbuilding can be. )
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It was bound to happen eventually: today I rode another bike to work.

Poor Clyde had to go into the shop for a pair of new shifters. Since this was warranty work, I took him to the Wrong For Me bike shop that sold him to me.

That shop has no loaner or rental program, presumably because their customers either own multiple bikes or don't ride daily. Clever Cycles, the Just Right For Me bike shop that I discovered last week, does rent bikes, and is a short walk from Wrong Bikes.

So to Clever Cycles I walked, and from Clever Cycles I rode away on a rented Dutch Workcycles Oma bicycle, in the glorious sunshine of April.

Dutch Bike Review! )

Riding a Dutch Workcycle has made me feel very differently about riding bikes. It completely removes any sport-competitive-touring nuance and puts me squarely into "what if I were to give up my car?" territory. It is not an incidental bike. It's a bike for people who rideg a bike every day for every purpose, and never think of themselves as "cyclists".

I'm seriously considering making this my next bike.


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