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Had great fun yesterday at the Eugene Disaster Relief Trials, a cargo bike event which is half bike race, half obstacle course: competitors have to haul a five-gallon bucket of water, a five-gallon bucket of dirt, and an orange cone around an urban course, cross obstacles (often with bystanders pitching in!), deflate and inflate tires, and generally do silly things.

I was not competing (I'm only just getting back in the saddle after a lengthy recovery from concussion -- from driving a car, not a bike accident, and yes, I DO wish I'd been wearing my helmet while driving -- and will not be fit enough for something like this for at least a few more months) but we did go down on the tandem, hang out with friends, and watch all the different ways people configured their equipment to meet the challenge! It's also neat that about half the bikes competing were locally-built (everything marked "Bike Friday" is local, as are many of the cargo bikes that look like nothing you've seen before, which mostly come from the Center for Alternative Transportation).

Big photoset on Flickr:

p.s., because I know it may be of interest to some of you: organizers very actively tried to recruit more women competitors; sadly several were, like me, on the injured list, while others had other commitments on a Saturday afternoon. The associated "Fiets of Parenthood" competition was a shorter distance and more evenly gender-balanced (you had to cover an obstacle course with children on your wheeled-and-geared device, and obstacles included "picking up dropped toys" and "hauling groceries.")
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A series of portraits of South Africans with their bicycles, via an NPR article.

And now I'm thinking we could do an "around the world with bicycles" picture thing here....
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A few days ago I was riding my bike, and also doing some maintenance on another bike. I had a wheelset that was older but a goodie. Well, I put the bikes away and thought the wheels would be safe under the patio cover... the storm had other ideas...

winter wheel
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I saw something like this over on LJ and thought I might try the same thing goes the question... what are you riding nowadays?

My latest bike is a repurposed mountain bike, 27 speeds (3X9) with Shimano components. The wheel set is for disk brakes, sealed bearing Formula hubs, with 26X1.25 slicks. I use the same bike as I have an extra pair of wheels when I want to ride dirt. Brakes are Hayes hydraulic. This bike was made from parts found on sale or on Craigslist.

My bike

My other favorite bike is my Kona Ute.. my venture into the realm of cargo bikes.

ute at Carlsbad

Those are my primary bikes right now, but I have a few more...

A Scattante R330 road bike, 27 speed, (3X9) light and fast, with upgraded wheels and 700cX23 tires.

A K2 Zed 3.0 mountain bike, 24 speed, Manitou Minute fork, light and quick. Vintage 2001. Presently have a set on later wheels with Continental Town and Country tires on it.

A Schwinn Cruiser, vintage 1959, with a Sturmey Archer 3 speed rear hub. It is very much original, springer front fork, original 'Schwinn Approved' 3 speed shifter, brake lever, seat and handlebar grips. It is all there, rust and all. I need to give it some much needed attention someday.

I have a few more bikes, that right now I'm preparing to sell. Those include a Scattante Roma 7 speed, small frame (15") and an old Specialized HardRock Sport in an extra small frame (13.5").

Oh, I have a few more bikes in various states of repair, including a Specialized RockHopper comp (1989) and a Gary Fisher Montare (1990).

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Browsing the internet, and I came across this charming photo of the 1967 opening of the Four Mile Run Bike Path in Arlington, VA (across the river from Washington, DC).

Four Mile Run bicycle path opening, 1967

The Four Mile Run trail parallels the W&OD trail, which is a rail-to-trail path. They run on either side of a stream. Not sure which opened first...*runs off to do research*
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I have nothing particularly coherent in mind for 3W4DW, but I do have these pix of a neat cargo bike I saw out and about a few days ago. Should you have other interesting cycling stuff to share, please do feel free to do so over the next three weeks.

And from another angle... )
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Because I saw one of the new models in the street today and because it so perfectly illustrates the European attitude towards cycling as a mode of transport rather than a sport, have a picture of a German Post Office cargo bike.

Given the colour and the swooping step-through frame design, I dare you not to think 'banana'.

I love how the front wheel is smaller to accommodate the massive rack that is custom-sized to fit exactly two standard-size mail crates. Other than that, this one's built for maximum comfort and durability: huge wide seat, really comprehensive chain guard, internal hub gearing, and a pair of baby wheels in lieu of a kickstand because anyone who's ever tried to park a loaded bike on a kickstand knows that thislevel of cargo requires serious steel to keep it upright, and no way would you want to tilt it.

It really is a fine workhorse. But I'm shallow. I like its curves. :)


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