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I thought the community might enjoy this photo, circa 1895 (maybe?), of my great-grandmother Gertrude Cone and her elegant ladies' bicycle at the side of the Willamette River in Portland.

It's nice to have roots. )
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Browsing the internet, and I came across this charming photo of the 1967 opening of the Four Mile Run Bike Path in Arlington, VA (across the river from Washington, DC).

Four Mile Run bicycle path opening, 1967

The Four Mile Run trail parallels the W&OD trail, which is a rail-to-trail path. They run on either side of a stream. Not sure which opened first...*runs off to do research*
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My dad just sent me this quote, in honor of Bike To Work Week:

"Get a bicycle. You will not regret it.
If you live."
--attrib. Mark Twain

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Today, March 8th, is International Women's Day. To mark it I've found some interesting cycling-links about women's cycling.

The first one is a quote on bicycling's contribution to feminist progress:

"The bicycle has been responsible for more movement in manners and morals than anything since Charles II. Under its influence, wholly or in part, have wilted chaperones, long and narrow skirts, tight corsets, hair that would come down, black stockings, thick ankles, large hats, prudery and fear of the dark; under its influence, wholly or in part, have blossomed weekends, strong nerves, strong legs, strong language, knickers, knowledge of make and shape, knowledge of woods and pastures, equality of sex, good digestion and professional occupation--in four words, the emancipation of women." --John Galsworthy (1867-1933), winner of Nobel Prize for literature in 1932.

Up next is a BBC article from 2009 which asks 'Are women in more danger than men?': 'This year, seven of the eight people killed by lorries in London have been women. Considering that women make only 28% of the UK's cycling journeys, this seems extremely high.'

And, finally, something I hadn't really ever considered before - safety considerations for women cyclists on a website that offers some excellent tips for bike commuting.


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