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Pretty neat article. I didn't know there was such a gender gap (I live in a place that doesn't have as much of one) and I definitely hadn't thought about most of these reasons for it.
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Brooks has a blog, now, where they're covering subjects like how to set up your saddle properly and vintage copywriting methods (from the 1937 catalog, no less.)
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I just spotted a fantastic project on Ravelry: Skirt Guards! (log-in required) and on Etsy: similar skirt guards! (no log-in required).

Colorful and charming, and one of most effective uses of crochet's peculiar strengths (radial openwork, multiple colors) I've seen in a long time.

I thought some of the community might enjoy them. I did.
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Link-wander resulted in rediscovering JWZ's epically bitchy bike advice post from '08, so I'm sharing. Fun game: send it to a friend and try to guess how much of it they'll violently disagree with!

(I actually quite like the post, except for the part about riding on sidewalks. An oft-overlooked virtue of the abrasive geek textual aesthetic is its implicit assertion that the problem at hand is a: knowable and b: not too many levels harder than whatever else you have to deal with on a regular basis. It's reassuring, if that's what you're wired for.)
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And in case the embed doesn't come through properly, because they don't always: Science Friday with Ira Flatow, on the physics of riderless bicycles and their tendency to self-right.

My theory is that it doesn't fall over because it's a Bianchi, and therefore reasonably well-designed, but this may just be my experiences with Tippy the Wonder Bike talking (Tippy was a really substandard Specialized that threw me more often than any bike I've ever been up on, including the little red Schwinn I learned to ride two-wheeled without training wheels. Tippy has since been broken down for parts, which is no less than she deserved. Tippy convinced me that some frames are just evil much less well-balanced than others, in ways which will not be evident to the rider until she has no skin left on her damn knees.)
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A feature about bikes on Park Avenue from the New York Times, including what I very much suspect is a Bike Friday tandem like mine! Fun stuff.
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If you like Cycle racing - the Tour de France is probably your race of the year. It's the race that is followed by people who only follow 1 event.

If you like wine, you'll be very aware of the influence of France as well.

I commend to you a friend's site where he has written two articles:

Part 1:

Part 2:

.. a guide to le Tour, and the wines of the regions they are racing through. Highly Recommended for lovers of wine as well as bikes.
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Hello [community profile] bicycles members! This comm has been mighty quiet lately, so here is a fantastic piece of bike-filmmaking as a music video:

The film is by Daniel Garcia and was shot here in my little town of bike madness, Portland, Oregon. The song is "Drunk Girls Holy Ghost Remix" by LCD Soundsystem. I was pretty impressed.

And apparently, tall-bike jousting is an actual thing.
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After I posted that Mark Twain quote, [personal profile] laughingrat sent me a link to Twain's essay on bicycles:

Taming the Bicycle

(For modern comprehension, substitute "Neosporin" or "arnica" for "Pond's Extract.")

Crossposting to my own journal.


Apr. 27th, 2010 02:24 pm
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As I am rummaging around the net, I found this site, which seems to be knowledgeably written regarding bikes.
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One of the cycling blogs I read linked to this great article in the Times Online:

Cycling should be dull, not an extreme sport

It was a marvellous day here today, sunny and warm and breezy. I cycled to my lunch date and when the time came, didn't want to go home so I set off around the bike paths. Eventually knees and bladder outvoted me! At a cycle crossing, a lycra lad smiled at me and said, 'Isn't it a brilliant day?' We were waiting for our crossing lights, watching a near jam of cars crawling past us and I have to say, I felt extremely superior in my mode of transport. Likely I will feel less so in a couple of months when the drivers are in their snug dry capsules and I am flexing my fingers to warm them up and wishing the lights would change so I could get back into the lee of buildings and out of the wind again!


Apr. 15th, 2010 11:29 am
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There's a piece in the NYT's Style section this morning about a bike shop aimed mostly at women, in New York; it's mostly "urban" style bikes, looking at their web site. Nice to see so many step-through frames on one web site, though!
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I was looking at the Rivendell web site this evening (hey, a girl can dream, right?) and saw their thoughts on bike sizing.

I must admit that, despite being pretty well sold on a lot of their positions on various subjects, my handlebars on both bikes are slightly below the plane of my saddle height. That said, I knew I had to buy the touring bike rather than any of the other bikes I'd been considering when I got on it, rode 12 miles (which was near my limit at that point), and got off and my back felt better than it did when I got on, so I think they're right about the whole "it should feel right, you should not have to break in to the equipment" thing. But my lower back has been tetchy for years, and I have a lot of upper body strength for a woman, so this is probably an area where I am Not Like Other Cyclists.

...if you've never read the Rivendell web site, let me commend it to you as cyclist porn of a very particular kind. I flip through it sometimes when I can't ride. Their bikes don't meet my current needs and are, er, not inexpensive, but dang, they're pretty.


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