Apr. 28th, 2010

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So, I've been pondering panniers for Doolittle for, like, ages. With a folding bike, a kindly and more knowledgeable man told me, they have to be small enough to avoid catching your foot as you pedal. I've looked at all sorts of options but yesterday I finally stopped dithering and ordered a double rear pannier. It was advertised on a folding bike site, so I crossed my fingers and hoped it would do the job. It was also rather cheap considering the prices I've seen for some types, coming in under £20.

I thought this might be a good opportunity to ask about if other people's experience of cycle luggage. Do you have panniers? What kind? Do you love or loathe them? I notice a lot of people park up with the pannier still attached - have you ever had anything pilfered, including the luggage itself?

Read on for a photo of Doolittle's bangs and my experience... )
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I do this book thing? And this bit is going to be in the next batch, but I'm posting it here first.

Gerd Schraner - The Art of Wheelbuilding (3/?)


Jobst Brandt - The Bicycle Wheel (3rd Edition) (4/?)

Probably the biggest thing I learned during March's adventure with the busted spoke was how much I didn't know about bike wheels. Research time, Dracula!

The two books are about as different as two books written by the type of person who would write a whole book about wheelbuilding can be. )


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